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It all started when…

I fell in love with carnivorous plants in 2007. Aren’t they mesmerizing with their all patterns and shapes and colors? These plants need more attention in the field of art and I’ve engaged to do that.

Quality artwork. Se definitely captured the beauty of the plant
— Cody H. COOK
THANK YOU SO MUCH @snownyy @sirusplantart for creating this awesome image of N.lowii x truncata ‘giant’! LOOOOVE IT!!
— Domonick Gravine
I bought two prints for my mother-in-law for her birthday. They were beuautiful. She loved the prints and is looking forward to seeing more of Siru’s art!
— C. Helzer
WOW !! Siru ! This is beautiful. I’m honestly blown away, excited to hang it up in the office, Thank you !!
— Konrad Kutter

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