“Quick facts":

  • My name is Siru

  • 25-year old from Finland

  • Graduated as a horticulturist, majoring in greenhouse cultivation in 2013 from University of HAMK of Applied Sciences.

  • Been living permanently in the USA since 2018.

Thanks for wondering to my site :-) I hope you like what you see!My name is Siru an I’m a 25-year-old woman, who graduated in 2017 as horticulturist from HAMK University of Applied Sciences in Hämeenlinna, Finland. I grew up in Lahti, Finland and I have always been interested in nature and I got trapped in this carnivorous plant vortex in 2007 after finding a few of these “cps” from a local garden shop.

My collection eventually grow to be unofficially the biggest in Finland and I appeared in several newspapers and magazines plus local TV news. I wanted everybody know that plants are cool and wild, especially carnivorous plants. I attended a garden fair “Kevätmessut 2016” in my home town with my own plant booth and I gave lectures.

As I was studying in my University to become a horticulturist I decided to write this Finnish book as my thesis work about growing carnivorous plants with emphasizing the conditions in Finland. It’s called “Lihansyöjäkasvit - opas kesytyksestä kasvatukseen”and it was published in 2018.

Although now I don’t live in Finland anymore, but in United States. This new phase started in my life in 2016 on my 3rd year in the University. I managed to get myself to Virginia to spend 3 months in this non-profit501(c)(3) organization called Meadowview Biological Research Station http://pitcherplant.org/ There, I was doing my “advanced” internship/volunteer work and growing awesome Sarracenia and other carnivorous plants I graduated in 2017 and headed back to Virginia as soon as I could back then for another but longer, 6 months long stay. The same patterns continued but for example I headed out for a road trip with couple of friends to Florida through different Sarracenia.

I travelled to US again in 2018 and I got to marry my best American friend who also loves these carnivores (some people know him). Never thought this would happen but I’m very happy now :-)

Before I decided to pursue becoming  Horticulturist I considered an artist career. Now I currently have a lot of time on my hands which gives me a great opportunity to paint pretty much every day. And what else than those plants which I love :-) I like to paint using watercolors and I used to be a big colored pencil artist between 2008-2011 but have since then done less of those works.

We’re located in Fredericksburg, Virginia (USA)